Why This Foster Mom is Pro-Life


Baby Meggie was born with seven or eight questionable substances in her blood, from nicotine, to morphine, to cocaine. She was a seventh child born to a 25-year-old felon. Every sibling had a different father.

Jenn was born with thirteen questionable or illegal things in her system. She was severely addicted to heroin. Her grandfather paid her mother to abort her, but the mother took the money and used it for more heroin. Jenn suffered from withdrawal symptoms for three months.

Jay has a chromosomal abnormality that could mean anything from nothing to complete disability. He was abused for his first four months of life and spent his fifth month sedated in the hospital.

Jason’s father was a child abuser who heard Satan giving directions in his head. His mother was mentally disabled.

Naomi’s mother is homeless.

Nina’s father is unknown.

Maggie arrived just eleven months after her sister. Born into poverty, she failed to thrive and was hospitalized.

One of the birth mothers was HIV positive throughout pregnancy, labor, delivery and breastfeeding.

Part of our society would say that these children never should have been born. They tell us that babies like this have no chance of a good life and should not have to suffer through the things they did. These children would have been better off aborted.

I say, no way.

Meggie was adopted with three of her siblings. She has no lasting problems and hits every developmental milestone early.

Jenn’s mother trembled with emotion when she held her baby for the first time four months after she gave birth.  She was motivated to go into rehab so that she could get her baby back.

Jay is my son now. He is a happy active four-year-old. Yes, his first five months were appalling, but the rest of his life has been overflowing with love and family. Were it not for the scars, you would never suspect his past.

Naomi, Nina, and Maggie are beautiful, advanced, funny, and so intelligent. Their futures are incredibly bright.

These children were given a chance and life, and because they were, I have been so very blessed to be their mother for even a short time. They have brought such joy to my life, to their birth mothers, to my children, to my husband, to each other.

And, yes, we do grieve so painfully when they leave us. And, yes, heaven knows raising little ones is a lot of work. But, but even as I look through their pictures and cry or buckle six carseats everytime I go anywhere, I am so grateful that their mothers chose life. My life would be darker without theirs.

Many people are saying that with such choices for president they will just sit out this election. Please don’t! There is a lot more on the ballot than presidential candidates. U.S. Senators and Congressman will approve or deny nominated Supreme Court justices. At the state level there are laws being made all the time that can affect foster children and abortion availability. At the local level we elect judges who hear foster care cases. They have a ridiculous amount of power in a foster child’s life. Please DO VOTE! But first, research your options so that you maximize that vote to protect the least of these.


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    Wow! Thank you for sharing Rachel. I would love to hear your thoughts on who we could vote for locally and state wide to help with foster care. Thanks!!

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