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  • Falling in Love --the arrival of Baby Megan

    Between October and March we received around fifteen calls from various members of the Washtenaw County Department of Human Services with children they would like to place in our home.  With each call, it was difficult to decline, but it was also right.  They weren’t a fit for us, or we weren’t a fit for them.  We wouldn’t be doing anyone a favor by saying yes when it was clear that we should be saying no.  But, it was hard, because the question always lurked, If not us, then who?

    Then, at the end of February Joey started praying that God would bring us a foster baby we could keep within a week.  Twenty minutes short of a week later we got the call for Megan.  I knew that it was right.  Matt was still home.   I didn’t even have to call him.  We said yes, then called our pray-ers to get them praying for this little baby.

    Late that afternoon I dropped my kids at my sisters and headed to the hospital.  I prayed all the way there, through the parking garage, and down the hallway, the presence of the Spirit was nearly tangible.  After having my ID checked twice and two security guards and a Child protective Services Worker escort me up the elevator, my ID was checked yet again.  Then, …