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  • Let the Training Begin

    The phone rang at 7:56 a.m. Monday morning.  Pretty early for the morning after Daylight Savings Time began, but I wasn’t upset;  I was glad that DHS was up and eager to get the week off to a good start.  It was Trisha with DHS calling to inform me that the PRIDE (Foster parent training) Class would be meeting at the Juvenile Detention Center that evening.  I know… kind of ironic.

    Each prospective foster parent must go through twelve hours of PRIDE training before licensing will be approved.  Matt and I signed up for the March classes.  When the day of the first class arrived, I was a little was nervous.  I’d never been to the Juvenile Detention Center.   I didn’t know what to expect from the classes. I called my sister who has walked this path before me.  She gave me a quick rundown on how things would go.

     We got to the meeting a few minutes before the 6 o’clock start time. We had to be buzzed in the front door, walk through a metal detector, be buzzed into the hallway, and then cameto a conference room that was very full of people.  Apparently there had been a scheduling snafu which led to our being in a much smaller room than usual. 

     There were three young women from the …