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  • Why This Foster Mom is Pro-Life


    Baby Meggie was born with seven or eight questionable substances in her blood, from nicotine, to morphine, to cocaine. She was a seventh child born to a 25-year-old felon. Every sibling had a different father.

    Jenn was born with thirteen questionable or illegal things in her system. She was severely addicted to heroin. Her grandfather paid her mother to abort her, but the mother took the money and used it for more heroin. Jenn suffered from withdrawal symptoms for three months.

    Jay has a chromosomal abnormality that could mean anything from nothing to complete disability. He was abused for his first four months of life and spent his fifth month sedated in the hospital.

    Jason’s father was a child abuser who heard Satan giving directions in his head. His mother was mentally disabled.

    Naomi’s mother is homeless.

    Nina’s father is unknown.

    Maggie arrived just eleven months after her sister. Born into poverty, she failed to thrive and was hospitalized.

    One of the birth mothers was HIV positive throughout pregnancy, labor, delivery and breastfeeding.

    Part of our society would say that these children never should have been born. They tell us that babies like this have no …